Jon, Johnathan, Jason, Jessica, Landry, Davis, Monroe Attempts Name Change

The new “Jon Paczyński“, formerly known as most of the names in, is making a fresh start by changing his name from “Landry” on social media.  With “contracts”  and “subscription policies” likely still out under many of his other names, he needs to create a new life for himself.  As such, he is following in the footsteps of many who changed their names and began life anew.


The practice goes back to the beginning of recorded history. Think of Israel (who was formerly known as Jacob), son of Abraham (who was formerly known as Abram). Okay, not a good example.  Apologies to the Israelites.


Think of Caligula (formerly known as Gaius Caesar Germanicus).  He did some interesting stuffNo apologies to the Roman Empire.


Then there’s the late, great Prince (formerly known as The Artist Formerly Known as Prince and the symbol )


Odd company all around, although it might be wise for “Jon” to take a page from Prince’s playbook and change his name to a symbol.


Perhaps 8==D