Low Turnout Expected at Annual Town Meeting

Low turnout is expected at this year’s Annual Town Meeting.  A lack of timely public notice, absence of event on farmington-ct.org calendar, and the public’s expectation that there won’t be any unsanctioned flyers has put a damper on this year’s festivities.


Maybe it’s in white font?


Local curmudgeons are frustrated that they will have to face members of the Town Council and Board of Education without the satisfaction of raising the blood-pressure of school parents.


“I like watching them pop-up out of their seats when I am in mid-tirade,” said Kent Trustalady.  “Won’t be the same without them lining up behind me and breathing down my neck”. He then went on to recite Chapter C, Article 10-1 of the Town Charter regarding the timing of the Annual Town Meeting – from memory.


According to the Town Newletter which was uncovered through an exhaustive search of the Town’s website (as it still hasn’t arrived in mailboxes), this year’s Annual Town Meeting will be at some undisclosed time on:


MONDAY, APRIL 16, 2018

Farmington High School Auditorium

Arrive early to ensure that you don’t get a broken seat that has been replaced with a metal folding chair.