Eversource Marketing Team Attempts Rebranding (Again)

In the wake of another botched response restoring electricity after a major storm, the company hopes that a name change will make you forget all about it.

With almost one million customers in Connecticut without power at the peak, residents are recalling the struggles of the October 2011 storm when some neighborhoods went 11 days without power. Back then the company was called CL & P, Connecticut Light and Power; or Candle, Light & Propane; or Connecticut, Light & Plunder.

Oh! The fun we had.

One would have expected that almost nine years later, they would have figured this out. We have learned so much in the past decade. For example: NASA discovered the first potentially habitable planet (we may need this); we learned that Wall Street criminals don’t have to serve jail time; keeping kids out of school with online learning prevents school shootings; and racism did not end with the Civil Rights Act (still learning). We learned that anyone can be President, and, to the rest of the world, Americans have cooties and are welcome to stay in their own “exceptional” country.

Canada doesn’t even want us.

With all this progress, Eversource could have spent the past nine years burying electrical lines, but that’s expensive, and New Englanders are famous for their short-term cheap fixes – cut down the trees and they can’t fall on power lines!

All the trees?

The good news is that the winning Powerball numbers might be found on the outage map.

Good luck! Your chances of winning might be better than getting your power restored by Sunday.