$57M Upgrade to Sewage Treatment Plant Not Enough to Handle This Sh!t


The Farmington sewer plant, located off of Route 4 across from Town Farm Road, was built decades ago and, like a car, the aging plant needed to be upgraded to a newer model. At completion, the upgraded water pollution control facility will be able to treat about 6.3 million gallons of sewage each day, which is then pumped into the Farmington River.


Laying the groundwork for the project began in 2008, but it took several years to fine-tune everything. The challenge lay in keeping everything running as normal so that no one would notice a disruption while the changes took place. Once the plans were approved, a contract was drawn up and work began.


Much of the grind has been completed over the past few years. Unfortunately, town officials did not anticipate the volume of crap Farmington would have to deal with. Even worse, this overwhelming problem¬†is not exclusive to Farmington; multiple area towns are involved. Unfortunately, some of the more insidious waste which our town produces escapes even the most high-tech systems and now, it’s in the water.