70% of Registered Voters Begin Re-Following Facebook Friends

The Municipal Elections are over and, in a massive wave, apathetic citizens are combing through their Facebook Friends Lists and reconnecting with their outspoken “voting” friends. Once again, grandparents can enjoy photos of their grand-kids, old college friends can talk football, and cat photos can be shared.


“I had to un-follow a lot of people,” said Jess B. Kind, who likes posting nature photos with Bible verses. “I can’t believe how much trash talk I saw among my neighbors. We are trying to teach our kids about cyber-bullying while the folks they see at church are behaving horribly online. I don’t want any part of that.”


When asked if she voted in her local election she responded, “Well, no. I don’t follow all that stuff.”  She added, “I usually vote for President, but I can’t keep up with all the other races.”


Will Trustalady had to unfollow his brother Kent several weeks ago.  “I was just done with it,” said Will. “Look.  I love my brother, but when he gets talking politics, I have to tap out. He makes me hate Election Day.” When asked if he went out and voted, Will responded, “Nah. I figure that the active members of our community have things in hand.”


Oblivious to the fact that they had been un-followed, voters continue to post photos of themselves self-righteously wearing their “I Voted” stickers.