Fresh From #church, #citizen Prepares to Unleash #holyhell on #comment Sections

Relinquishing all human decency with his #internetmuscles, Frank Lee Yousuk, settles down in front of his computer.


“I went to church this morning, my wife cooked me a wonderful Sunday dinner, and I am ready to DESTROY everyone I disagree with online,” said Frank, before a question was even posed.


Retired after 35 years, peaking in corporate mid-level management, and having discovered that he has no other hobbies, Frank enjoys spending his time #researching the latest on the #internet.


“Someone has to let these people #know what’s really going #on,” he continues.

Still no question has been asked.


His wife has left for #HomeGoods because she would rather look at options for a holiday #mantelmakeover than deal with his B.S.


He only has one week to get this out of his #system before he heads back to #church.