Traffic Signal Seeks Representation Against D.O.T.

Traffic Signal at Intersection of Garden Street and Route 4

As the CT Dept. of Transportation continues STATE PROJECT NO. 51-260, the traffic signal at the intersection of Garden Street and Route 4 (Farmington Ave.) is seeking legal representation against the DOT claiming its being prevented from carrying out its duties.


“There are times that I may as well stay a solid red on the Garden Street side,” the signal stated, “because when I am green, either the eastbound traffic  on Route 4 is blocking the intersection or the traffic has piled up at the Epicure Plaza signal.”


Local motorists  on Garden Street have also been frustrated about the signal’s futility, some claiming that they have to wait through multiple cycles before they can get on to Route 4 in either direction.


“I know about the Whistleblowing law, too and I quote, ‘General Statutes § 4-61dd, any person having knowledge of … mismanagement, gross waste of funds, abuse of authority, or danger to the public safety occurring in any state department or agency or in any quasi-public agency may disclose such matter to the state Auditors of Public Accounts.’


The CTDOT has not commented yet on the lawsuit.  Construction is expected to continue through 2018.