Town Considers Name Change

In the wake of the controversy over Confederate statues in the South, Yale changing the name of Calhoun College because he advocated slavery and white supremacy, and a proposal to change the name of Amherst so as not to celebrate the “father of germ warfare”, it has been proposed that Farmington take sweeping measures to get rid of their name.  As many residents have come to recognize, farming takes up valuable land that would be better used for housing developments and shopping centers.


The original name of Farmington was “Tunxis Sepus” which means “bend in the little river”.  However, Bendofthelittleriver, CT is too long.  The proposal twists the roots to call it “Bender”.


Tourism opportunities:  “A Bender Weekend”


Economic growth: “Bender Recovery”


Future FHS Mascot :

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The proposal will go to a town-wide referendum, but will only pass with 100% voter turnout.