TOP TEN Sexiest Farmington Town Committees

Cyclist Calves
# 10 Bicycle Committee

What could be hotter than strong calves and the ability to assert one’s rights in heavy traffic?

# 9 Architectural Design Review Committee

Nobody wants a botched makeover. This committee wants Farmington to look Red Carpet Ready! Catch the latest look for 784 Farmington Ave.

# 8 Green Efforts Committee

They have the stamina and self-control of Sting, patiently waiting for the rest of us to experience the ecstasy of protecting our lush, green environment.

#7 Farmington Historic District Commission

Their “gloves-off” approach to self-governance is hotter than the Land Acquisition Committee’s lust for open space.

#6 Retirement Board

How they allocate their assets and look for growth! Oh, my!

#5 Conservation & Inland Wetlands Commission

You had us at “Wetlands”

# 4 Land Acquisition Committee

“There is nothing impossible to him who will try.”
— Alexander the Great

# 3 Unionville Historic District Commission

It gets SEXIER as it gets OLDER!

# 2 Traffic Review Board

Recognizing the importance of a “safe word”.

# 1 Town Plan and Zoning Commission

The bodyguards of Farmington, protecting our curvy good looks from unscrupulous developers.