Residents Distressed Over What To Hang on Front Door

Christmas is long over. Valentine’s Day has passed. At this point snowflakes would only invite misery and the scorn of one’s neighbors. St. Patrick’s Day is next month, but what to do if one is not the least bit Irish?

With Christmas wreaths still spotted around town, Farmington is clearly at a loss over what to do as February draws to a close.

Locals can’t even take their cues from the Town. The Holiday Kissing Balls are down in Unionville Center and on the DiPietro Bridge on Route 4; the summer flowering baskets are just seeds in the soil right now. One could get a jump on things and donate to the Annual Beautify Farmington Program.  The Farmington Garden Club and the Economic Development Commission partnered on this beautification project back in 2014 to bring summer flowers to Farmington.

Still, residents have no answers on how to make their front doors worthy of Instagram. Perhaps the town seal? That looks “wreath-y”.