Cancer Society CEO Unimpressed With Farmington’s “Relay For Life”

This weekend marked the return of the ever-growing Relay For Life of Farmington Valley, where kind-hearted and compassionate members of the Farmington community toughed it out on a rainy weekend to show their support in the fight against cancer; celebrating survivors, mourning those who lost the battle, and raising money for cancer research.


“$500,000 is cute, but you kids in Farmington are going to need to do a few more bake sales if you’re going to cover my compensation,” said American Cancer Society CEO, Mr. G.Reedy (his actual name), while lounging by the pool at his $2 million Classic Georgian home abutting the Druid Hills Golf Club in Atlanta. “Next year I would like to see you hit my annual salary of $667,779, he said.  “If you get close, I may even show up at your event to collect it in person!”


Every Dollar Makes a Difference

At Relay For Life, no donation is too small. Each and every dollar counts in the fight against cancer; or, at least 59 cents of each dollar counts.  Donations to the American Cancer Society help fund groundbreaking cancer research, patient care programs, and help pay the $175 million spent annually on fundraising, as well as the $7,170,703  spent compensating their top twelve executives.  As a point of comparison, the ACS is currently funding  $10,693,000 in cancer research grants in Connecticut.



Raising Money For Raising More Money


American Cancer Society –

This year’s Farmington Valley Relay for Life has raised $539,649.08.  (Farmington’s getting there, G!) With that, the American Cancer Society has Farmington to thank for an additional $186,000 to use for MORE fundraising (but not cancer research and especially not pediatric cancer research). The American Cancer Society spends less than 1% of their total revenue on pediatric cancer research. This year, Farmington’s contribution might be a whole $3,156. You go kids!


Perhaps Farmington could skip the Relay and give to a well managed, highly-rated charity like the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation. That being said, writing a check doesn’t have the community connection that the Relay has.  Perhaps Farmington could let Mr. G.Reedy know that they want ALL their dollars to go into a restricted fund for research and support services only.  Now THAT would impress him.